Hippo Hollow Farms
Contact: Adele and Joe Prinsloo
Address: 803 Mahon rd Columbia, TN, 38401
Email Address:
Phone: 615-574-2147
About Us
Hippo Hollow Farms is a family owned and operated farm, situated conveniently between Spring Hill and Columbia, just off Carters Creek, on a beautiful 165 acres.
Mimicking nature in all our farming practices, using intensive rotational grazing practices, healing the land, ONE move at a time.
Products raised are 100% grass finished beef, pasture raised pork, pasture raised poultry (turkeys, chickens and eggs).
Pork and poultry are supplemented with NON-GMO feed.

All cows are 100% grass finished, never fed any grain or anything for that matter, except grass. We use intensive rotational grazing practices, animals are moved every single day. Mimicking nature, herbivores in nature, mob, move and mow and are always followed by birds. Think the Serengeti where the wildebeast are move together in high density and all the birds with them.

Laying hens are truly pasture raised. Always outdoors. The laying ladies live in a mobile chicken coop, which tags behind the cattle. The girls are our manure spreaders (scratch and spread open all the cow patties). They are also our sanitation unit, as in nature, follow the cows and clean the land of pests such as ticks and fly larvae, thus making it possible to not dip or vaccinate our cows. These girls get 75% of their diet off the land and 25% is supplemented with non-gmo feed.

Broiler chickens are raised on pasture, moved every day in a movable pen. They do a wonderful job at fertilising the land. In Spring especially, one can visibly see the effect these birds have on the pastures with lush green lines visible. They are supplemented with non-gmo feed.

Pigs are raised on pasture in wooded areas. Moved every 3 weeks. These guys cause disturbance, which is SO good. We love seeing how they transform a "dead" looking landscape. The pigs come in, root up the soil, working dead matter that is laying on top of the surface back into the soil. This disturbance along with light and oxygen, causes new life to show. Dormant seeds germinate and instead of seeing dead leaves, green grass comes back. The pigs are supplemented with non-gmo feed