Rocky Glade Farm
Contact: Jim & Julie Vaughn
Address: 2397 Rocky Glade Road Eagleville, TN, 37060
Email Address:
Phone: 615-274-3496
About Us
A diverse family farm of four boys, a husband, wife...chickens, cows, guardian dogs and LOTS of great vegetables! Located in Eagleville, TN (Rutherford CO). We've been farming here since 1998. We grow year round in our passive-solar hoophouses. Seasonally, we specialize in sweet potatoes, winter squash, peppers, all manner of brassicas, lettuces and more interesting items.
We are not certified organic, but follow organic growing methods. We utilize "beneficial insects", such as lady bugs, lacewings and other predatory insects to control the "bad bugs". We do not "spray" with anything unless we need to control a problem and then we use an organic certified product. We love using cover crops to protect and enhance the soil. Crop rotation in full swing on our farm to naturally break the pest and disease cycles. We use a mix of long tractor cultivated row farming outside with intensely planted hoop-house production to provide vegetables all year long. Every member of our family works hard to provide a top quality product to you every single time. Questions? Just ask us!