Greener Roots Farm
Contact: Jeffrey Orkin
Address: 323 Wilhagen Rd Nashville, TN, 37217
Email Address:
Phone: 615-957-6559
About Us
Greener Roots Farm is Nashville's first commercial scale hydroponic vertical farm. We grow herbs and leafy greens indoors, year round and supply them to local establishments. All of our produce is pesticide, herbicide, and GMO free and travels less than 50 miles from farm to fork.

We use 90% less land and water than conventional farming, resulting in a production that yields 10x more produce per square foot. We are passionate about urban agriculture and believe it is a key component in revolutionizing and expanding access to fresh, hyper local, nutrient dense produce.

Our indoor vertical farm currently produces more than 14 tons of nutrient dense produce per year. We grow a wide variety of herbs and leafy greens and distribute them to local restaurants and grocery stores. We are in the process of building a state of the art greenhouse that will more than double our production volume and allow us to access even more consumers in the Nashville area.