ZMac Farms, LLC
Contact: Kevin McClung
Address: 1201 Eno Rd Dickson, TN, 37055
Email Address:
Phone: 615-943-5221
About Us
At ZMac Farms, our goal is to provide fresh, nutrient dense lettuce at an affordable price. We raise our lettuce in a hydroponic greenhouse, which means the lettuce is pesticide free, herbicide free. Our greenhouse is a state of the art, 6,000 sq feet facility. As a family, we built the greenhouse over a summer, and have been producing lettuce for about 3 years. We produce green bibb, romaine, red bibb (teodore), and other varieties as well. We really like selling our lettuce on Nashville Grown, it fills a lot of needs on many levels.
We use sound agricultural practices that are time tested through our greenhouse manufacturer, Crop King. We grow our lettuce year-round, hydroponically for a consistent, delicious lettuce. We routinely test and monitor our municipal water as a good practice,as well. We are also GAP Certified.