Pure Pasture Farms
Contact: Melissa Cole
Address: 6514 Highway 161 Springfield, TN, 37172
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Phone: 615-380-1082
About Us
Pure Pasture Farms produces Pasture Raised Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Eggs and 100% Grass Fed Lamb

We are an all natural, beyond organic, family owned farm where our animals are nurtured and grow in a peaceful environment. We utilize a natural and pure approach to farming that provides the production of Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and Eggs that are free of the dangerous characteristics of the contemporary food production systems and the resulting products.

Pure Pasture Farms, Melissa Cole, 6514 Highway 161, Springfield, TN 37172. (615) 380-1082.
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We utilize rotational grazing and pasture management to grow and finish our lamb, supplementing their diet with free choice salt and minerals. None of our animals we raise so carefully for food are ever given growth hormones or antibiotics. Our Ewes (mother Katahdin sheep) are only fed supplemental NON-GMO grain in extreme situations where pastures are not able to support the nutritional requirements (drought or extreme winter weather). The lambs we raise for meat is 100% grass fed and 100% grass finished. Our poultry also receive only Non-GMO local grains with nutrients plus all the benefits of being out on fresh pasture. We also avoid the use of any man made chemicals in our pastures.