Our Farm on Mount Olivet
Contact: Larry Heidkamp
Address: 773 Mount Olivet Rd Columbia, TN, 38401
Email Address:
Phone: 615-708-8370
About Us
Our Farm on Mount Olivet specializes in high-quality, nutrient-dense, delicious lettuces, greens, roots and baby vegetables.

Natural, no-till practices are used to regenerate the soil and encourage an abundance of soil life. We feed the soil and the soil feeds the plants. The proof is in the deep, rich flavors and beauty of our vegetables.

Our Farm is a market garden with 60 permanent raised beds. Intensive management and high-density plantings keep the beds in production year-round. Fertility is supplied by compost, feather meal and trace minerals.

Natural methods to promote soil and plant health and to prevent problems like insects and weeds rather than fight them after they are established. No artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are ever used.