Twin Bridge Farm
Contact: Jamie and Jim Moreau
Address: 125 Spring Creek Lane Waverly, TN, 37185
Email Address:
Phone: 931-264-4122
About Us
We are a small farm located in Waverly, Tennessee. We're focused on the local market, quality products and earth friendly sustainable practices. We believe that 'from the farm' and 'picked when perfect' make a difference in how your food looks and tastes. Our specialties include several varieties of organic mushrooms, greenhouse grown tomatoes, and nursery hardwood stock.
At Twin Bridge Farm we are a big believer in producing the very best product possible with an all natural process. We compost everything to create a perfect starter to all our plants. Our organic mushroom blocks are also composted to eliminate waste. We also believe in self sustainability, so we germinate, spawn and propagate everything we possibly can.