Strange Honey Farm
Contact: Gary Strange
Address: 245 Highway 107 S Del Rio, TN, 37727
Phone: 615-828-8405
About Us
GARY STRANGE started his apiary with 100 hives in Del Rio in 1986, Del Rio is in the Tennessee Cherokee National Forest, along the French Broad River which is 240 mile north-east of Nashville. Now Gary and his crew care for 1600-2000 natural hives. Fortunately, the mountains are not conducive to industry or commercial farming or pesticide spraying. This pristine environment is a beekeeper's dream come true: it provides a full season of nectar and pollen for healthy bees and a significant harvest of delicious honey. Strange Honey Farm harvest enough honey April - September to last January through December - 100% PURE TENNESSEE MOUNTAIN HONEY
CAROL HAGEN is the proprietor of Queen Bee Pollinators, purveyor of Artisan Creamed Honey and the Nashville area distributor for Strange Honey Farm. We are pleased to deliver pure raw honey and pollen from naturally managed mountain bee hives. We harvest three distinct types of honey; our honey is lightly filtered so the naturally occurring pollen remains a significant feature of this Tennessee Artisan Honey.

Gary Strange owns and operates the largest apiary using natural management techniques. No sugar is fed to the bees at any time. When there is a summer drought, Gary feeds the bees their own honey harvest to keep them healthy. He uses essential oil of Thyme in the very early spring for varroa mite control. By leaving ample honey in the hives and taking the last harvest of the season at the end of September, Gary allows the bees to collect fall nectar and pollen for the winter season.

We do not buy honey from other beekeepers, heat the honey or ultra-filter the honey.