Short Mountain Cultures
Contact: John Parker and Simmer
Address: PO Box 358 Woodbury, TN,
Email Address:
Phone: 615-200-7731
About Us
Short Mountain Cultures opened in 2016 with the goal of making a wide range of fermented foods featuring locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.
As interest in fermented and locally-sourced foods grows, we are happy to educate our customers about our sourcing practices, fermentation techniques, the importance of seasonal produce, and carbon footprint reducing practices. Short Mountain Cultures is committed to sourcing locally when possible; our vegetables are primarily grown locally, our glass packaging is manufactured near Memphis and the ceramic crocks we use are made in Southern Ohio. Many of our products are seasonal in nature, such as our chili garlic sauce, small batch krauts, kimchi, brined garlic, golden kvass and kombucha.

Short Mountain Cultures is an LGBTQ owned/operated business who employs mainly rural LGBTQ folks. We are proud to offer a safe place for all people in a rural setting to work, hang out, and offer fresh, nutritious, consciously-sourced food.