Rally House Farms
Contact: David Goodman
Address: 610 Glenpark Ct. Nashville, TN, 37217
Email Address:
Phone: 615-979-1644
About Us
Rally House Farms is a new sustainable farming project located in Nashville, Tennessee. We are home to the first vertical hydroponic growing environment built entirely inside a recycled shipping container. If you are located in Nashville, we're only a few minutes drive from you! (barring Nashville traffic)...

Hydroponically grown in Nashville Without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides.

615 979 1644
Using 90% less water than traditional farming, our hydroponic system only takes up the space of about 5 parking spaces. What was once a useless paved corner in a parking lot near downtown Nashville, now sits a thriving structure of growth capable of producing nutrient dense and fresh produce.

We are able to give our plants the nutrients they need to thrive in a controlled environment. We are even able to use naturally made compost teas to further the process.

For more information about our practices, give us a call!

615 979 1644