Green Door Gourmet Farm
Contact: Sylvia Ganier
Address: 7011 River Road Pike Nashville, TN, 37209
Email Address:
Phone: 615-942-7169
About Us
Green Door Gourmet is a 350 acre farm, on-farm market, and agritourism destination in Nashville, Tennessee. Nestled along the Cumberland River, our farm is just minutes from downtown, Green Hills, and the West End corridor! We organically grow a wide variety of fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs. We provide our customers, including our Local Farm Box participants, local restaurants, and florists, with the absolute best direct-from-the-field produce.
Green Door Gourmet is intent on building the soil and building the knowledge of those who work on the land. Every year the crew visits agricultural conferences to learn the newest and best techniques for growing produce that is not only delicious, but also works to improve the life of the soil. Even though we are no longer certified, we still use organic practices including crop rotation, absolutely no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and companion planting. We also use physical pest barriers, hoop houses for season extension and crop protection, and are working towards the incorporation of more beneficial insects and minimal tillage. Green Door Gourmet grows its own vegetable starts and watchfully follows each plant from seed to fruit, making sure it gets as much care as possible. Lastly, we incorporate flowers into our planting rotations as well to attract beneficial insects, serve as edible delights, and provide a stunning array of color each time you visit the field.