Caney Fork Farms
Contact: Melissa Makous
Address: PO Box 318 Carthage, TN, 37030
Email Address:
Phone: 615-212-5234
About Us
Caney Fork Farms is a 400 acre multispecies livestock, vegetable, and agroforestry farm in the hills of Middle Tennessee. We use regenerative farming practices to ensure we are building soil and storing carbon. On the farm we have planted 1,500 chestnut trees, covering about 32 acres. We are incredibly excited to reintroduce chestnuts as a staple crop to the southeast, where one out of every four trees used to be a chestnut. From fresh eating, to roasted, to one of the best gluten free flours out there, the culinary potential of chestnuts is endless. In addition to the culinary potential of chestnuts, the environmental and practical benefits of having trees planted throughout our pastures are numerous. Chestnuts are a perennial nut tree that could potentially serve as a gluten free substitute for annual staple grains such as wheat. Additionally, our trees will provide shade to our animals in those hottest months, reducing stress, helping weight gain, and eliminating the need for mobile shade structures. Our rows of trees will mitigate the effects of harsh wind, sunlight, and drought, reduce erosion and help maintain soil structure, provide habitat for various birds species, and of course sequester and store carbon.