Ables Family Farm
Contact: Eric and Donna Ables
Address: 3171 Les Chappell Road Spring Hill, , 37174
Email Address:
Phone: 256-710-4908
About Us
We are a small farm that raises more traditional vegetables such as tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, peppers, squash, and more. However, we plan on expanding in the future. Our main crop is tomatoes and we take a great amount of pride in raising vine-ripened, delicious fruit! Our tomatoes are carefully grown from seed and are nurtured in each step of the growing process to ensure the most pleasing and palatable product available!
We are not a 100% organic farm but we do try to minimize pesticides as much as possible. We also use a mixture of organic and chemical fertilizers and use a clean water source for all of our plants. This has been a method that has worked extremely well in the past, producing some of the most beautiful and tasty tomatoes and vegetables that one has ever seen!