Quarter Spring Farm
Contact: Jonathan Bradley
Address: 422 Davis Hollow Rd Liberty, TN, 37095
Email Address:
Phone: 615-294-1361
About Us

At Quarter Spring Farm we strive to grow good, all-natural food for our friends and neighbors in Middle Tennessee. We live in a small farmhouse on 64 acres in rural Liberty, TN, which is about 60 miles east of Nashville. We raise chickens, goats, and sheep. We also tend a large garden where we grow grains and veggies. Our methods are ecologically conscious and sustainable, and we are always trying to improve our relationships with the land and our community. We think industrial farming is not healthy for anyone involved: from the producer to the consumer to the plant or animal being so unnaturally grown. So we came out here to live a better alternative.
Non-certified organic. Pest management through beneficial insects, crop rotation, and hand picking. Mostly no till planting practices. All soil inputs composted on farm or OMRI certified. All chickens on a non-GMO feed. Broilers are raised on pasture, laying hens free range, and neither gets antibiotics or steroids. Goats and sheep forage, goats supplemented with non-medicated feed when in milk or late pregnancy.