Contact: Perry Ausbrooks
Address: 4840 Byrd Lane College Grove, TN, 37046
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Phone: 615-879-1145
About Us
yield2Yield Farm is dedicated to helping veterans fight their war against PTSD through providing a place where they feel understood and heard. As a veteran who has and is fighting that fight I want to show other veterans the healing power of farming. I focus on providing a structured environment that veterans miss from the military. I also put a huge emphasis on teaching soil science, I make sure every amendment and micro nutrient plants need to be healthy are readily available in the soil. The outcome is veterans that are healing, learning and providing nutrient dense produce to our local restaurants and residents.
Extreme focus on soil science, making sure that every micro nutrient is available to our plants. I amend the soil with organic amendments everything from sea salt, boron, calcium and more. This leads to nutrient dense produce that has the vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

No synthetics, GMO's, petroleum-based fertilizers or pesticides.

Honestly organic agriculture on a human scale using hand tools instead of tractors.